Smells like NECCO wafers?

I never know how to describe a certain smell of a number of my roses, esp. seedlings, that I can only say smells just like I remember Necco wafers smelling like. Since fragrance is something that I find somewhat important and I have an off and on again sense of smell, when my nose seems to be working, like this morning, I take the time to check out the fragrance on more than just a few of my roses., esp. the new and young ones. So as I was watering I could smell a very strong Necco smell, and it occurred to me that this is probably a common odor with a label or name. I just do not know it. Sometimes those same roses smell like ripe fruit to me so I think it is a fairly common fragrance; does anyone know what I am talking about perhaps? Any ideas? The Necco flavor (I only have been able to smell one flavor-they all smell the same to me-and I do not eat them so I cannot readily associate that smell with any flavor) does not strike me as a really desirable fragrance, but when they have that ripe fruity smell it is not all that bad.

From an Aussie point of view, what are 'Necco’s"

This probably is not a good description, but they are a cheap pressed sugary candy that I also believe was used to make the little valentine hearts with messages on them. All I remember is their smell, which was sweet, dusty, and a bit peculiar-kind of like an additive of some sort. Could not have been just plain pressed confectioners sugar. I don’t even remember the message hearts’ name but when I Googled Valentine message hearts I came up with Necco, so they are one and the same apparently. I just remember the (seemingly) identical NECCO smell–very sweet, dusty, and not really smelling like anything real. Except real NECCOs. One less thing to rot your teeth out down under I guess.

Oh yeah, sort of dates a person.