Six Faces of Kathleen

Last February I was sent some OP Kathleen seeds from West Belgium, the seed parent was growing in a garden surrounded by OGR , Austins and multiple climbing roses. The germination was great giving me six variations of Kathleen offspring. Growth and foliage types vary greatly as with the bloom types. Types 1 and 2 have a most impressive repeat cycle, blooms are replaced at an astounding rate.

This seed was bought into Australia so I could create new floribunda types. Fertility has not been an issue as all six are fertile both as seed and pollen parents. Types 1 and 5 show incredible seed fertility as hips form with out any problems.

One type is interesting, Type 2 which shows Wichuriana influence in bloom and foliage type.

KATHLEEN 4 types.jpg
KATHLEEN 3types.jpg

Really cool. Assuming that’s the Pemberton Musk Kathleen (there are four Kathleens on HMF).

I’ll preempt David Mears by requestion you cross type 2 with a bright yellow rose.

Assuming diploids? Could you cross them with R. xanthina?

Maybe also with crossed with some OP Lena seedlings… (be patient with me; the Lena hips are still on my kitchen table)

It is the Pemberton musk Joe. With crossing it with yellow, already done. I pollinated it with Maréchal Niel. There is not any reason it would not accept Xanthina pollen, Types 1 and 2 would be the go . The cultivar Lena looks like it has a bit of multiflora hyb in it , good possibilities there, golly it would set huge bloom bracts.


Thanks Joe, yes anything with a Yellow cross would be great, the outcome I am unsure of, but if it brings yellow into the garden, it is my thought yellow is not totally understood within the rose family, I wish I knew that answer.
Regards David.

This little seedling of Kathleen has turned out to be quite nice. It probably will be classified as a Polyantha (Kathleen Seedling TYPE 3). This pic was taken after the day had reached 108 F.
Kathleen seedling 2.jpg
Kathleen seedling.jpg