Single Identification

Last year i spotted this rose in the public garden:


Some thought it was Dainty Bess but that isn’t the one.

It has a purple stigma but no purple filament.

I never saw this on any rose so maybe I will use it. ( I have a little pollen)

It’s 60/70 CM high.

Does anybody has an idea?



I agree it is not ‘Dainty Bess’. The flowers would be much larger and like you say the filaments would be prominent. It looks like the individual flowers are relatively small with your fingers in the background. What is the plant habit and floral display like? Does it produce large clusters of blooms like a polyantha or Hybrid Musk?



Hi david,

It’s a very large flower, at least 1,5 / 2 inches.

I’ve put my fingers on the screen to get the right messurments to give the right impression of it’size.


This is 1:1 scale.


Astronomia won many awards in Europe in the last couple of years. I would expect it to be found in public parks today.

I tend to think of it as having purple anthers (I wonder if Bonica is in its parentage – she seems to give purple anthers to some offspring) which your photo does not show, but otherwise the form and color reminds me muchly of Astronomia…

Is this a floribunda with relatively glossy foliage?

BTW, I probably ought to be better about crediting photos to which I link. The image in above post was simply linked to HMF’s photos tab under Astronomia courtesy of Rob van Loon


If the pistils are just shadowed, not red, that looks a lot like Lyda Rose. Size is about right too.




Just bought Astronomia, RosariumRob told me it’s a nice potential rose and going to use it for hybridizing. But it’s from 2006 and the rose was planted in 2001.


The picture is made in full sun. It looks like it a lot. But the habit is very differ. It’s not getting higher than 60 CM. Lyda rose is a lot taller.

This bloom was blooming at the end of the season. I’ll take pictures when the first fresh blooms will occure. Go have a look today, looking for new fresh foliage.

I’m very curious now. :smiley:

Thank you jack, you realy helped me by ID this rose for me! If I can do anything back you just ask OK! :s