Simsalabim pollen experiment

Ordered some Simsalabim roses today because I’m curious if I get any pollen from it.

Does anybody have experience with florists roses in their program?

I did a forum search but simsalabim is never mentioned. I’m also curious if it passes some stripes but first I have to find out if it has pollen.



I don’t have any experience with this rose but looked it up on HMF…wow, the striping on this one is awesome. Good luck with the pollen.

Regarding florist’s rose pollen, see:


Thanks Rob and Henry.

It’s indeed an amazing rose. I hope I can put it in my program.

I find it ‘interesting’ that the parentage is not listed. There is a post about inheritence of stripes in a similarly striped rose called Abracadabra ('Abracadabra' Rose) and Hocus Pocus ('Hocus Pocus' Rose). The thread is here:

Opinion in that thread was that it probably wouldn’t pass on the stripes but maybe the ability to sport stripes.

I believe Simsalabim was from the same line, also a sport.