Anyone know if this rose sets hips? I don’t see any reference at all to offspring on HMF.

It was one of the first roses I ever grew. I got rid of it because it’s own vigor destroys it here. It becomes so top heavy from blooming that the tiniest of winds snap off basals left and right. At any rate, from what I can remember, it had extremely slender reproductive parts much like many from the Zorina lineage (some are near-sterile, like Tequila Sunrise, due to this mechanical flaw).

I also know, according to one of my books, that it is the pollen parent of Michelle Joy. Looking at helpmefind supports this:

So yeah, I’d recommend it as a pollen parent, but I wouldnt rule it out as a difficult seed parent, too.

I remember I didn’t like the growth habit. I used to sell it retail when it was new. It get’s lots of vertical canes and it’s top heavy as Jadae describes.

It’s not a very good look for the garden. The flowers seemed small compared to the height and scale of the plant.

When it was new it was a fairly novel color which I think helped it’s popularity for a time.

It was also pretty healthy for it’s color class. And it didnt mind winters… Oh, and it wasnt thorny as hell like the closely related Prominent.

The only time I’ve seen Shreveport was about a decade ago at the ARS HQ west of Shreveport where there was a massive hedge to the left of the old main building. It always bloomed just a bit earlier than the weeks defined as First Bloom, and we’d go up for First Bloom to escape New Orleans. Maybe someone knows if it’s withstood the test of time there?

Ann I was there monday doing some pruning. Yes it has withstood the test of time.

Good info everyone. I like the fact that it is vigorous. Perhaps I’ll match it with a lower growing bushy type to tame the growth habit. Maybe it would be just the cure for my 6" one-bloom-per year Angel Face Seedling, lol!


What? You want a 6" one-bloom-per year Shreveport seedling now? :wink:

Just kidding! It’s all a crap shoot.

If you’ve got the time to try it, why not?

I like using parents other people are utilizing. It makes what I do more unique.

I’d recommend crossing it with something with stronger stems (maybe shorter, stalkier), lower petal count, and thicker peduncles.

Exactly what I was thinking, Jadae.

Robert, I assume you meant “parents other people aren’t using.”? Me too.

Yep! That’s what I meant. It’s fun to be unique.