Show and tell?

I haven’t been very active here this spring/summer, so apologize if I’m posting a redundant post, but I don’t think I’ve seen a “show and tell” thread for a bit, and wondered if it might be time…

Please take into consideration any concerns about revealing information that (as I understand it) could set the clock ticking on patent rights of anything that is absurdly promising and unique. (And if anyone could clarify the reservations folks should have, that would be appreciated.)

I lost my photos of seedlings when a “reboot” to my glitchy phone turned into a “reset” but I’m very concerned that I might, for the first time in a very long time, have a seedling that has not yet earned a place in my composter. (If I don’t dispose of all my seedlings, I will quickly become short on space.) Nothing too special, and one of those crosses that I assume many have done – Lemon Fizz x Carefree Beauty is, as one might expect, a very healthy single in a lovely shade of insipid. (Blushed pink in bud, and opening to a cream that fades a little too quickly under the TX sun.) CB was one of my first breeders in my collection (acquired as Katy Road Pk) and is still a keeper, if only because tons of seeds and relatively healthy seedlings…

Does anybody have anything fun going on they might like to share?

Here is a seedling that took a couple years to bloom, but was worth the wait.
This is Lilian Austin x Ramblin Red
It had half a dozen blooms at its first bloom as a small shrub, and then was setting half a dozen more that I am pruning off so it can establish.
It has a fairly strong old rose fragrance. I’m not sure how much cold hardiness it gained from Ramblin Red yet, as our winter was mild.
There is another seedling from that cross right next to it that hasn’t bloomed yet, but looks to be even more vigorous. I’ll be curious to compare them.
19LAxRR02 2.jpg
19LAxRR02 1.jpg

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This is another seedling that took several years to bloom.
It had a good number of blooms, as it was fully cane hardy (in this mild winter)
and then had a cluster of bloom on a new cane it threw up.
It has a wonderful fragrance. It is a gentle blush, although in cooler weather can have a hint of apricot to it.
blush 3.jpg
blush 2.jpg
blush 1.jpg

Sorry for the glut of pics!
These are two seedlings from the same cross, both this year: so don’t know much about them, except pretty and fragrant.
These are Claire Austin x Chinook Sunrise

Claire Austin set hips well, accepting some fairly wide crosses. It germinated well. A lot of weak seedlings to weed out. But some fairly strong ones mixed in to test this year. It was much like Aloha Hawaii was for me so far, my two best seed parents last season.
20CAxCS 01.jpg
CAxCS02 1.jpg
CAxCS02 2.jpg

Great results …. with z-heavy envy undertones :slight_smile:

… today planting my ungerminated crossings from last year into a plot today for full winter treatment based finding more volunteers germinated in garden than in grow room. :-/

I have a few interesting things that will survive but middle of winter so kind of bare sticks at the moment. None have flowered yet, still likely years.

  • several Baby Faurax x r. roxburghii normalis, the rox influence is very obvious, some black spot (from the poly side, every poly I have gets BS here so not unexpected)
  • several Dagmar Hastrup x r. bracteata…despite never seeing blackspot on either parent there is a little bit on these, also super nasty thorns but foliage is interesting mid way between both parents.
  • low(er) thorn sweet briars (Lord Penzance x mixed thornless) they aren’t no thorn but around half as thorny as usual Lord Penzance seedlings (Lady Penzance equivalents no obvious thorn reduction) which is a step in the right direction

all the flowering seedlings, tend to have great fragrance but poor health or boring flowers, nothing stand out on that front so far, just kind “nice” or potential breeders.

Thanks Riku!
Interesting that you are having better results outside. Is this due to winter? Or second year?
Have you tried some outside from first harvesting them?
Perhaps I will try this also, as you have had good success with it.

They look like first year (single thin root, very small, thin, and pliable) with a couple looking like second year (crown area slightly woody).

My indoor germinated seedling from this year was 3-4x bigger.

Due to ongoing heat dome, spotty germination (euphemism for poor), and residental work l am not hybridizing this season. Gambling on bees and hover flies doing the work to maybe produce a keeper.

Will be putting shucked and clean o.p.s in ground before end of November.

Photo is yesterday’s transfers. 2020 seeds still in their “not peat free” pots and were water test sinkers. Also soaked area. Anything that might germinate before fall will go into grow room.

The objective is to crack the germination barrier to get at least 10%.

Lots of o.p.s and some crosses mainly with 6910.

Area is in north garden and is first to thaw.

I like to grow old roses.This are a few my seedlings 2020- 2021 year. They are monitored.

very beautiful roses: I especially like the form of the first one and the color of the last one!
Did they gain any fragrance from the old rose parent?

Yes,they smell.I m sorry that I did not respond for a long time.I admire your rose “Martin Frobisher"x"Therese Bugnet”.Its wonderful.We live in a cold climate and want to grow our backyard rose.A few more cold roses.We live in Lithuania.This is our hobby.

(Jany Duval x John Cabot)