Should one use a mixture of pollens?



Ralph Moore related to me that when he wants to make a particularly difficult cross he sometimes makes the cross and leaves the blossom without emasculation. He feels there is a higher probability of getting fertilization. This only works when one can easily distinguish hybrid offspring. I used this method crossing R. clinophylla with a diploid mini last season. I am still trying to determine hybridity. Offspring seems to have some miniature characteristics. I might have to wait until flowering to be sure of hybridity.

Oh. That would be useful for Pretty Lady. It wont accept anything but it will self easily. Luckily it produces masses of pollen.

In another thread I gave my observations regarding my experience using one of Randy’s tetraploid (Calcarpa X nutkana) seedlings. From that plant, this year I have a very large hip with “mixed pollen” and a smaller hip (less than half the size) with only (Carefree Beauty X Heritage) pollen. Hips from florist’s yellow pollen and (Folksinger X Illusion) pollen aborted. There are a number of open pollinated hips (of about half the size of the “mixed pollen” hip.