Should I should? Or should I not?

Hi, all,

“Belle Organdy,” one of my first batch of seedlings from “Fa’s Marbled Moss,” finally bloomed this year. I’m in love with these small, delicate flowers. Of all FMM’s offspring, Belle has the most, and the largest, spots, and I believe it’s the texture of these spots that makes the petals crinkle like this. The petals are very thin and delicate, and there is a moderate Old Rose fragrance. It’s fertile both ways. Add to this the fact that this is a nice, hardy little moss rose, and to me, it has everything.

I’m keen to do more breeding from this rose, because I’ve noticed that FMM gives about four levels of spotting: none at all, a few spots here and there, the amount of spots the original has (a lot), and this. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps this rose is homozygous for whatever causes the spotting. This year I’m crossing it to several species roses with no spotting in their background (that I know of) to see what happens.

I’ve been thinking of officially naming it. But I’ve been told that textured petals like this are right out. It may be a valuable breeder, I think. What’s your opinion?

In my experience, thin petaled varieties pass that trait on far too easily/often. You may end up fighting with that characteristic for generations, and its not a good trait to have: in many climates, a bloom like that will not open properly. However, you won’t really know how the rose behaves as a breeder till you’ve used it, so why not find out by trying?