Shopping for end of year clearance sales.

kfart has roses like 75% off right now (along with flower pots too). I picked up Pink Peace, Queen Elizabeth, and Reine des Violettes (it has some prickers- is that normal?)…all in good condition for under $5/each.

Earlier they had ‘Livin Easy’…I kinda wish I had purchased it (even at full price)

Here’s my question. Home Depot has Playboy, it’s in sad condition and they still want 14.95 for it. It’s covered in fat hips though…whadya think? Would you buy it?

Here just to make the post more interesting. Brand new just from today, first blooms. Well really second, I pinched the first one off…this one is gonna have to grow some if it’s going to survive winter.

You may wonder what’s so special about it because it looks like the typical Robin Hood seedling.

It’s Carefree Delight x Robin Hood

I’ve been trying/expecting for it for three years now.

Carefree Delight seeds get germinated entirely outside- that’s why this is so small(plus I’m fighting spider mites).

It gives me more seedlings than any other rose (70 some odd/year)…just about all OP. I consider them almost junk.

This will be the second one I have kept.

Carefree Delight seedlings normally take 2-3 yrs to bloom.

This one displays the same extreme juvenile remontancy as typical Robin Hood seedlings.

Ok so I’m expecting a short (3’) Robin Hood.


I would ask the nursery manager for a 50% discount. Show him the faults. Then go from there.


Yeah, I tried that. I should have had my way with it too. There was a sign that said 50% off SELECT roses. Apparently that one wasn’t included. The clerk tried arguing with me that the price was 50% off even though it was clearly labeled as the original price. So I left it. Maybe I should go back and try with a manager.

Hi Jon!!

I really like your seedling of CD x RH!! I love polyanthas and it has that look to it. My Candy Oh! Vivid Red released through Spring Meadow has Robin Hood as the male parent. I’ve found most of my Robin Hood seedlings do not bloom that well right away and grow a lot with very long branches before they start blooming. I haven’t kept track, but somewhere far less than half are nice precocious seedlings like yours. Candy Oh! Vivid Red was not a very precocious seedling. It made over 25 leaves at least before there was a bloom.

I’ve really struggled using CD as a parent- even raising op seedlings from it. Congratulations on your success with it. It is triploid and I wonder if a lot of its op seed is aneuploid (incomplete sets of chromosomes) and maybe that leads to poor germination and poor growth of most of the realatively few that germinate. You are doing a lot better than me with CD. I really like CD and it would be fun to bring in its nice traits to polyantha like seedlings like you have done with your seedling. I really love polyanthas and over the past few years recognized I need new genetics in my lines to get more flower variability (color, larger size, etc.) and even more importantly mildew resistance. I made a number of crosses of ‘Golden Angel’ x a diploid red polyantha seedling in order to try to get diploids and bring in warmer colors to polyanthas. ‘Golden Angel’ is triploid and the female parent of the diploid Topaz Jewel. Paul Barden really likes ‘Golden Angel’ and wrote about it as a parent, so I was very excited to it a try. I have a number of seedlings from that cross and actually most turned out diploid!!! Unfortunately, I lost my ‘Golden Angel’ plants during our cold winters even with good insulation. It would be fun to use it some more with hardy parents to get more diploids. Most of the seedlings I got are pink with a small hint of peach that fades quickly. This year finally there are some hips on a couple of them. I was thinking they were going to be sterile. I smothered them with polyantha pollen again of some more black spot resistant ones. It seems like it could be a slow process to combine all the good traits. I have some other starts with getting different genetics into polyanthas too, so I’m excited for the future.

I sometimes wonder if differences in timing of hip harvesting and cold treatment techniques (and if done outside…weather patterns) play a large part of rose seed germination. I’ve noticed I have better germination with KO if I wait until the hip turns black and mushy before harvesting the seed and with CD, I wait a long time also (around December…when it is deep red and soft and can be squished/‘popped’ with a pinch). With CD, I pretty much just squish them onto the surface of a prepared pot and let them sit out all winter.

I heard an argument somewhere that Pemberton/Bentall were trying to shrink the hybrid musks (into polyanthas) in the quest for the first floribunda. I guess ‘The Fairy’ is an example of this effort. I like the way CD has a “flat” top and doesn’t get any taller- which makes it great for hedge or foundation plantings(although most of its seedlings don’t exhibit this characteristic). Golden Angel sounds fun, I haven’t given the ploidy thing too much thought. Pemberton was eventually able to work his diploids into tetras (through triploids). Every other CD seedling I have had to date has been pink so I’m glad to have broken that.

BTW that’s a great looking rose. I’m jealous!

Since you like hybrid musks I can’t resist showing this one off again (Prosperity seedling- pic from today).

It’s most unusual, I’ve not seen anything like it.

It goes along with your argument… “recognized I need new genetics in my lines to get more flower variability (color, larger size, etc.)”

Jon I like the last one. Especially with the green shades coming through.

My wife had to be difficult and say that if I were to name a rose after her it would have to be yellow and green (our favorite color each). I haven’t even started to shoot for greens so this is a nice gift in that right direction…I plan to get some yellow in there somewhere…

Use something fromt he Gold Medal or Freedom lines lol… you’ll get something both green and yellow for sure.

Thanks for that Jadae. I’ll look into them… you know you got me wanting ‘Toprose’ and I can’t find it anywhere. Also, that other white thing from Prosperity (that you said you liked) had its second bloom today. I came real close with it. It has green streaks at the base of the petals and cream (& pink/orange …kinda like Trier) before it opens to white- not really easy to photograph with my junky camera. Ok this it y’all no more I promise. No more hybrid musk pics.