Could someone please clarify the term selfing? Is it a self-polinated flower, offspring crossed back to parent, two same variety plants crossed, none of the above? Thanks, Robyn

Hi Robyn, Generally when one says selfing they mean that the pollen from a cultivar fertilized an egg of the same cultivar or plant. The term selfing is vague. I just reviewed a scientific manuscript and commented that the authors needed to be clear and specific in their nomenclature. The term selfing is like breeder slang. Self-pollination just means the pollen from the same plant pollinated a female of the same plant, but does not necessarily mean a seed formed and eventually germinated. Self-fertilization would mean that. Inbreeding means that there are common ancestors in the pedigree and include a seedling has the same mom and dad (“selfing”), is generated from a backcross to one of the original parents, or any other number of mating designs that trace back to the same parent somewhere in the family tree.



Thanks David, much appreciated! Robyn