Seeking Rosa Wichurana seed

It would be wonderful to get a few seeds of R. Wichurana. I can immediately germinate them using seed extraction, and have an advanced plant by the end of the season.

I really want to avoid starting my breeding lines with virus infected species roses, hence I am avoiding purchasing grafted species, or local cuttings from species that likely are derived from previously grafted material. In this country EVERYTHING seems to be grafted, and rose-viruses are definitely endemic.

My mate Simon??? or any other Aussies on here??

I have a very old virus-free wichurana plant… I can send you cuttings or pollen but don’t have any seeds at the moment.

note, virus free only means RMV free.

Hi Simon.

For me there is something really ‘fresh’ about starting the whole species thing with OP seed… Also, the OP seed may throw some interesting twist on the species, who knows.

If I don’t get lucky now, I might ask you end of the season in case you have a few hips then to chuck my way.

Anyway, thanks for being so kind, as usual. A real gentleman!