Seeking info about growing racks

Hello. I’ve had some luck growing plants in the past and would like to set myself up with a decent indoor growing system. I’ve seen large steel growing racks before that can hold a large amount of plants and that have light fixtures at the top on the unit for indoor growing. Can someone point me toward a site that sells something like this, I’m highly interested in adding a unit like that to my home so I can grown my own herbs for use throughout the year.


Check out Charley’s Greenhouse at I looked at their catalog I have and see several growing racks.

John seems to have a huge selection.

I got mine from, search “light stand”. has a table top model with built in timer under “seed starting”.

Good luck!

Check out Excellent shelves. Their 48"W X 24"D X 74"H hold 16 seed trays. Just use shop lights, might be a cheaper way to go. Works great for me.

Home has quite a few appropo set ups, but Costco also has some really heavy duty steel shelves that can easily be retrofitted with shop lites-and not bad looking.


I have been using these grow racks from, for years now. I mount my light fixtures at each tier and from the ceiling for the top tier(I buy separate 4’ T5 fluorescent fixtures - 2 per tier). Sometimes I remove the shelf on the third tier so I can have extra space on the second tier for larger plants. These racks offer a lot of flexibility for different plant sizes.


Just for reference…this is how my setup looked at my old house, using the racks from FarmTek. My new setup at my new house is very similar, but less cramped since I have more space now

My new setup at my new house is very similar, but less cramped since I have more space now. I still have the same racks from when I first started so they are pretty durable.