Seeking germplasm

Hello, I’m trying to locate a source for Percy Wright’s Hazeldean and Robert Erskine’s Prairie Peace roses. Corn Hill Nursery lists them, but they can’t be added to the cart, so appear to be unavailable from them at this time…does anyone know who would ship these to the US?

Victor J.
Fairbanks, Alaska

Victor, are you proficient in propagating roses? There are several RHA members listed who grow both of these roses and you may well be able to obtain suckers, cuttings or bud wood from them more easily than you might retail ready plants. Len Heller is an infrequent visitor here but is more often on Face Book. Last year, he offered suckers of MANY Spinosissimas and other very hardy roses. His garden is listed on Help Me Find - Roses as Rosarium Scoticum. His contact information is here on the Help Me Find page. Rosarium Scoticum

Hi Kim,

I’ve never propagated roses, but other stuff, like Ribes and Vitis, which probably entail similar technique. Someone put me on to Mr. Heller the other day and I’ve joined his FB group and we’ve been communicating about this…thanks!

Wonderful! You’re welcome.

Those two roses are going to be difficult to propagate by cuttings…suckers are easiest. I have them both but often get too busy in the spring to get out and dig suckers.

Perfect! Another source!

I have about 5-10 suckers available of both (and a few other hybrid spins) as well. PM me and let me know if you are interested - my plants came from Joe about 5 years ago. Now that the weather is getting warmer I will be pulling them out in a few weeks to contain them.