Seeds to an interested home

If someone would like some seeds of the following please PM me with shipping details.

I have some op seed of a diploid single yellow that comes from an unfertilized egg of the tetraploid shrub rose High VoltageTM. This diploid is pretty fertile and relatively healthy. It is more compact than HV and makes a lot of flowers. (pictured)

I also have some op seed of an induced female Rosa setigera. Years ago I treated R. setigera seed and this 4x female was one of the results. It has taken pollen from modern tetraploid garden roses and has served as a bridge now to some repeat bloomers with a strong dose of R. setigera for hopefully RRD tolerance.



David; I’d be interested in the seeds from the yellow shrub. By the way, all the plants you sent me last year have done well! Stephen Hoy

David, your setigera sounds like something I have wanted to undertake. (Is it per chance derived from R.s.serena?) Do subsequent generations overcome the dioecious nature of the species?
Congratulations on the progeny from such!

If (and only if) you don’t have other takers, I am certainly intrigued, but please put me at the bottom of the list. I am essentially out of space and my eyes are significantly larger than my garden. (You have also already been overly generous to me in the past.) Put any other takers ahead of me, please.

Hi Philip!

There is some seed for you :). This 4x female R. setigera isn’t derived from ‘Serena’ unfortunately, so I don’t think it is a carrier for thornlessness. It was an op seedling from the female R. setigera at the MN Landscape Arboretum (there are a couple males next to her). Usually at least a little bit of female fertility seems to be passed down and it takes a couple generations to find some that have male fertility regained. Segregation of rebloom follows the standard model (F1’s with repeaters that are theoretically RRrr give 1/6 repeaters when crossed with repeaters again).

Hi David,

If there are any seeds available from the setigera, I would be interested. Please let me know. Thank you.


Dear John,

I’m so sorry. They are all distributed. Next year please remind me and I’ll collect some more.

Take care,

Thank you, David. Appreciate the offer.