Seeds poking out of hip

One of my hips has at least 3 seeds poking out of the top, with much more seen underneath. I assume that means the cross is fertile. Will the exposed seeds get damaged?

It would be difficult to prepare FAQs on every subject people discuss on the forum, but the “exposed-seeds” topic comes up pretty often.

A lot of information can be found by searching the forum either by using the Search box in the upper right corner or by using using Google with [search term] at the search.

Here is one thread that I remember from just the past week: Have you ever seen this? - Rose Hybridizers Association Forum

Congratulations on the successful cross.


Try using the word ‘exogenous’ in your search. Seeds that form on top of the hip are called exogenous seeds.
I have a few hips with exposed seeds on top. Will sow those separately to see if there is any difference in germination.

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I’ve wondered this for a long time. One of the problems with exogenous seeds is they tend to burn and dry out in the sun. Some years I’ve made various covers for those hips to slow down the burning, and they DO look much better by harvest time. I can’t say if it’s helped or not, but I sew all the seeds anyway.

Well I’ll try an improptu cover. However rot is a large issue in my clime…

I am using tulle fabric squares successfully. Tulle is a lightweight mesh fabric. You can buy it a a fabric store. Pantihose is an OK substitute, and easier to find… LOL If you go with pantihose buy the lightest color you can find.

Central NJ, zone 7a

Or, ask your wife, sister, mother or girlfriend if you may have her discards. You’d be surprised how helpful sisters can be with stuff like that, especially when they laugh themselves silly you want it for your ROSES! I used to have an almost endless supply of hosiery for tying things up before my sisters both went to socks instead of pantyhose. It’s the pits when your younger sisters get “old” on you!