Seeds growing outside of hip

Hi everyone,

I have quite a few hips where the seeds are popping out the top of the hip. I know there is a special name for it.

What causes this and has anyone had these seeds germinate?

Thanks so much for your help.

Jeanie there has been lots of discussion on this topic. Do a search for exogenous seed.

Bottom line the hip sometimes can’t contain the number of successful pollinations.

Germination of exogenous seed it usually somewhat lower than for seed contained within the hip.

Thank you so much Robert, I couldn’t remember the name used for this…exogenous! OK I am going to search for it now. Actually on some of my hips I hardly have a “hip” at all, its all seeds! Just wondering if these will even make it through.

Jeanie, I’ve seen hips completely split open and lay flat like they were filleted. It’s fascinating to see all those seed holding on for dear life. (literally)

The seed does mature and a good percentage will usually germinate.

Hey!, you might want to take it a little easier with the pollen next time.

(Joking!!!) Let’s face it, sometimes it seems we are a bit too good at what we do.

Congratulations. =)

LOL ha! I wish I was as good as you. LOL

Honestly I do get carried away with the pollen, I put it on and think 'was that enough", …ok let me do it one more time, and again and again. Then I wonder why I run out of pollen!

It’s good to know that these seeds do germinate, for I have many. Thanks so much again