Seeds from Europe

When I was in Europe last summer 2014 I did some pollinations, here are the seed.

New Moschata X Euphoria
New Moschata X Mozart
New Moschata X ‘Jardins d’Aywiers’

‘Queen of the Musks’ X ‘Jardins d’Aywiers’
‘Queen of the Musks’ X Mozart

Smarty X ‘Rose de la Petite Chabote’

Yellow Charles Austin X Dornröschen

James Galaway X Nahéma

Trier X ‘Pas de Deux’
Trier X ‘Joyeuse Farandole’

Eyes on Me Op

Rosa primula Op

These are some seed a friend sent to me all OP from west Belgium.

Frisson Frais
Red Ballerina
Belle des Fagnes
Ghislaine de Feligonde
Tapis Volante

These are some seed sent to me from Picardy France, All the seed are from OP collected hips.

Lavender Dream INTerlav
Sweet Haze TAN97274
Darlow’s Enigma
Bright as a Button
Sibelius LENbar
Ghislaine de Feligonde
Cinderella KORfobalt
Lucia KORlilub
Yann Arthus-Bertrand MEIpel
Alden Biesen LENgrati
Rosa wich (foliis varigata)
Puccini LENmos
Star Profusion HORcoexist
Princess Violette
Francis E Lester
Tapis Volante LENplat

Sounds like you’ll be needing to buy more land!

Joe I was going to have a quieter breeding season, but Hmmmmm. I am just wondering where am I going to put all these. A lot will go into 2"tubes and assessed.

Joe I have all yours as well LOL .

Warren, what direction might you take ‘Seagull’ ?. we are going to England in July and I have found a couple of places that grow it, might try for some seed from them whilst there.

Regards David.

David they will probably get matched up with those I bred in Europe last year.

The seed parent rose used when in Europe, the (New Moschata) is also known as Landhaus Ettenbuhl (John Scarman) is rated Zone 4