Seedlings available

I have a few OP seedlings of several spins that need a new home so that I can make room for others in the pipeline. Some of these are rather rare and potentially useful for breeding hardy roses. I’ll be happy to send them along to anyone willing to pay for the postage.

Yellow Altai


R. hugonis

Ross Rambler #6

Ross Rambler #1

I also have some extra seeds of other cultivars that I could germinate now (by embryo culture) and have seedlings available for mailing by early April, again to anyone willing to pay for the postage. Some of these roses are hardy down to -40 degrees. It seems a shame to let them go to waste but I just don’t have room for very many plants here. Use the address below in case you cannot use the email feature on this website.

R. acicularis

R. acicularis taquetii

R. altaica


Beauty of Leafland

Connies tough old rose

Double white altai

George Will

R. glauca

R. glutinosa

Harison’s Yellow tetraploid



R. mariettii

R mollis

R pendulina

R. woodsii

Pink altai

Prairie Peace

Ross Rambler #4

Schoener’s Nutkana


Don, I’ll be happy to take any that will overwinter well (or at least, will overwinter) in Zone 4b.


Hi Fara,

They are zone 4 hardy except maybe the Schoener’s and glauca which others may have knowledge about since I haven’t grown them.

Please send me a note. The response has been greater than I expected and I’d like to get some specifics so I can schedule the processing of embryos.


Don and Fara: As many will confirm, R. glauca is very hardy, well into Canada. Schoener’s Nutkana kills down to the base (or near the base) every year here in my Zone 5 (-20 F) garden. It re-sprouts strongly, but it only blooms on old wood, so it never blooms.

Fara R. glauca is very hardy for almost the whole state of Colorado. In certain places in Denver around the South Platte river valley and in the mountains it has escaped cultivation and now grows wild. It has not become an invasive plant like R. multiflora or the russian olive.

Hi, all,

Yeah, glauca is hardy as it gets here, I need to trim mine to keep it from taking over. And curiously, I’ve got two seedlings of Henri Martin x R. glauca here that I am bursting at the seams to see bloom! The foliage is exactly the color of R. glauca.


Sorry Fara I missed read. I thought you asked the question. My bad! But anyways Roger I would say it is very hardy since much of Colorado where I live the temperatures do spike way below, but the more significant thing is this rose survives in many places with no snow cover at all. Plus Colorado for the most part is a dry state espically on the east side of the continental divide so it overwinters in many places without water or very little of it.

Thanks to everybody who has responded to my offer. The demand was greater than plants on hand for some of these which is a good thing. I have plenty of seeds, and I’m happy to germinate more of them because it means more breeders will be working with them.

It only takes about six weeks to get seedlings that are big enough to ship, so the offer remains open for others wanting any of them.

Hello Don. I emailed you … I

Hey Don, Did you get my response email? I wanted to check if it went through or not, since my school’s email logged me out when I sent it, so while it says it was sent, I have no idea if it contained anything I had typed. Just checking, I hate glitches.