Seedlings and cold weather

This is only my second year hybridizing, so I need some help here. Last year my seedlings germinated in March, at which time I put them on the windowsills for light. Since I only had about 30, that was convenient. By the time they were 2 weeks old it was warm enough to put them outside, as I live in Tucson. This year I did my crosses early and I’m guessing the seedlings should be germinating in November/December. So, my question is this: How much cold can the young seedlings take? While most nights in winter here don’t go below 28-32, occasionally it hits 26. I’m anticipating a fairly large crop this year, and I have no inside options (no basements here).


I don’t have a lot of indoor room either, and to prevent seedlings from germinating too early, I don’t clean and stratify the seeds until November/December. I have no idea how this affects the total germination, but it works for me.