Seedling(s) to share

I have a few plants to share of a seedling that might have merit in breeding hardy, healthy yellows.

Code name “1173”.

Yellow Brick Road x (Lemon Fizz x R. carolina)

Fairly double golden yellow blossoms - see pic.
Reblooming. (see negatives)
Seems very healthy.
Solidly crown hardy in Zone 3b.
A great seed parent, forming fat hips with many seeds.

Although it is a reblooming rose, it is quite hesitant to put out blossoms later in the summer. Instead it sends out tall, non-blooming shoots.
It seems to pass that late-season reluctance on to its seedlings.

No promises, but send me a pm with your name and address. Please note if it would be ok to ship yet this fall or if spring would be better. These are very substantial bare root plants.

I also may have a plant or two of P42FIVI, which is Peters #42 x FIVI3. Peter’s #42 is a Morden Research Station rescue that is, I believe, a polyantha crossed with L83. FIVI3 is my seedling of First Impression x R. virginiana. P42FIVI is notable for incredibly lush foliage and vigorous growth. Some rebloom, but not a lot and only a minority of seedlings will rebloom. Will try to find a pic.

Here is a pic of the other seedling. I may or may not have enough plants to share of this one, but if you’re interested drop me a line.
P42FIVI probably.jpeg

I sent you a PM about 1173, but it got stuck in my outbox - definitely would be interested in it!

I would as well. Hopefully PM goes through.

Love the coloring on that second one, and the pedigrees are interesting on both of them, Joe.
I am curious as to folks’ go-to roses to breed for more floriferousness?
(My best rebloomers in the past have actually included two yellows: Limoncello (which I unfortunately no longer have) and Carefree Sunshine, but I cannot vouch for progeny of either in that context… yet.)

The roots on this rose are incredible as Joe sent it as a bare root!!
The hips are fat and are filled with far more seeds than I expected, which is always a bonus.
I will be testing them for percent of germination, although Joe may already be able to share that.

Thanks, Duane! I sent to three people without notifying them, so I’m hoping that the plants made it ok and their ground was thawed enough to plant. I’ve never seen such nice roots on a bare root rose…I think this seedling is genetically predisposed to great roots. I think the seeds germinate fine…I have tons of seedlings from this rose. - Joe