Seedling growth

I had my first ever seedling germinate on April 1. It is a Pristine X DayBreaker cross. Now, 9 days later, the seedling doesn’t seem to be growing. It is exactly the same as it was the first day I saw the germination. It has two cotyledons and I see no sign of new leaf growth at all yet. Is this normal or should it be growing more by now, 9 days later.



Sometimes they’ll take a few days to get going. Take a look at the seedling. See whether it has what seems to be a point between the 2 cotyledons. If it does, your seedling is probably OK. If it has what looks like a mass of cartilage between the cotyledons, you may have a defective seedling. But give it at least a week. Meantime, you might want to compare it with this one. See link below.



Mine definitely has the little point indicating new leaves. I got out the magnifying glass and looked at it very closely. I will try to be more patient with it, but it is very hard to do with your first one I guess.


I have one right now which has sat in a state of suspended animation for 2 weeks. The cotyledons haven’t even opened yet, though it seems otherwise healthy, and fairly normal.

I find that the change from my stratification bags to growing mix at this time of year seems to cause them to pause for a bit of introspection, though this one is a tad exceptional.

Just hang tight…

2 weeks is not at all an excessive time for a seedling to sit paused at the cotyledon stage. Occasionally some seedlings are defective and never form real leaves, but I’d say that those are rare: perhaps one in a thousand.


I have had a few seedlings over the years which never grew in 2 weeks after germination. In the third week those died of “Damp off”.

Of course there may be a different reason.


I s there something I can do now to avoid damp off?? I have been watering with a 20%mixture of peroxide/water.


I wonder if the high peroxide mixture is the reason for no growth.

Henry - What percentage of peroxide/water do you use?

See page 26 of the following pdf document: