Seedling Differences

I’m confused. Last fall I carefully cleaned several seedlots of mostly OP rugosas, then planted the cleaned seed in flats. The flats were put outside over winter, covered with wire mesh but otherwise unprotected. One flat had room left, so I dumped in a lot of hips to fill out the flat. That particular lot was Hazel Le Rougetel/Corylus, and some seeds were cleaned. They and the other cleaned lots of seed were up about a month ago. The uncleaned but slightly mashed hips of Hazel germinated later, perhaps two weeks ago. They came up much more thickly, but then, I dumped in the hips that were left so there were probably more seeds. Now however, there is a very noticeable difference, with the cleaned seedlings having grown very little while the mashed hip seedlings are growing vigorously, and are twice the size of the row of Hazel beside it. This is the opposite of what I was expecting from all the posts on this group.

Would some kind soul care to enlighten my ignorance? Do I need to fertilize the cleaned–and, slow growing seedlings?

No, I don’t want a lot of these OP seedlings, I was doing this to find out how to handle rose hips, and am now trying to figure out what I should be doing. What little past experience I’ve had is that rugosa seedlings need at least

two years to flower, and there simply isn’t enough room to

plant out all of these OP seedlings.

I did take a couple pictures, but don’t know that posting them would help.

Ken, Oregon Z 7-8

Hi Ken - Last spring I planted over 3000 seeds of OP rugosa. These were cleaned seeds that were directly sown outside in the garden. Not one of them germinated. From that same batch I planted a whole hip in a pot and got 6 seedlings. Makes me think that there may be something in the hip that aids germination and seedling growth. I’m waiting for the snow to melt to see if any of the 3000 seeds germinate this spring.

This years batch have just been taken out of the refrigerator (after 8 weeks) and show no signs of germination yet, though non-rugosa seeds are germinating very well.

Since rugosas are part of my hybridizing program, I may have to use planting the hip as part of my strategy for better germination. It’s definitely worth experimenting with after reading your experience.