Seed Germination

I have 2 beginner questions.

My rose has hips right now in February leftover from the fall, they are red in color and not dried out. Can I take these and germinate immediately since they have already gone through a natural cold cycle?

Also I took some seeds out of a hip recently and let them dry out after removal. The hip was not dried out on the plant. Can these seeds still germinate or are they finished after being dried out?

Plant both groups, William. Nobody can guarantee that germination will be immediate, but if you leave the planted seeds in an area where the temperature is cool–perhaps your garage, the seeds probably will germinate as the temperature warms with the onset of spring.


Thanks for the response. Is it necessary to pre-soak the seeds before planting? Should the soil be kept constantly moist until the warmer weather?

It wouldn’t hurt to pre-soak them overnight, and the soil definitely should be kept moist if you want the seeds to germinate.