Seed dormancy review



Thanks for posting the link Henry. I’m going through it very slowly to get a good understanding and I’m learning a lot.

Thanks Henry,

I tried to read it but a lot I don’t understand. Their are a lot of difficult english words in it. But I don’t give up and read every caracter and pick up thinks that I do understand. It’s a very interresting aticle.

I have cleaned seeds and hips in the fridge now. Is it a huge risk when they sprout to soon in the season?

Is their less servival?



I grow seeds all year round and during the winter those that germinate early are grown under lights with no problems. Hope this helps.


Timo, my experience is that fall germination is great “if” you can take care of them all winter. You will be ahead (larger plants which will take the stress of moving better)when it is time to plant them out in the spring compared to early spring germination. Unfortunately, the big “if” is critical. I would often have time periods when I could not take care of them (out of town trips).