see if photo shows or not

Do people like the smaller blooms on this rose or not. This plant is hardy to the tips in Zone 2a. They are more HT shaped than I expected since there is no known HT in its background and it is diploid. The parent most use is Rosa woodsii with a little rugosa in its background. It is too also reblooming.

What I also like about this rose is the fact that there is the rose bud and flower are pure white, but the stem, the prickles & the sepals are a rich red like Rosa woodsii.

Iam mostly posting this to see if i can post pictures. Thanks

Dear John:

Please post again when blooms open – too early to tell, but color looks like a very clean white.

Sounds like you may be slightly to the north of me.

Bob Zone 9

I like the separation between the flowers in the cluster & the foliage looks terrific. The bloom form is very pretty to my eye. How long was it before you got the first bloom? That certainly looks like a rose I’d want for my garden.

Bob here is a picture of them more open. The camera pics up ivory but the flower are distictly white in person. The photo is blury because I was still learning to take close-up pictures

At zone 2a I am still very north of you at lat. 56.

This plant was an enigma. it is the only rugosa that I have ever had that bloom in its 1st year. These are the pictures that bloom. I can tell that it is hardy because it is buds are swelling all the way up to the top and It got a -44C While only patially covered with snow. It shows all the best atributes of all of its parents

Hi John P

Thanks for additional photo. Love the color and if it is already blooming like you say it is, I hope you’ll update from time to time to let us know if it lives up to its potential. Sounds like something I could really use without worrying in my zone 5 vacation home where I can’t risk my bracteata hybrids to the harsh (for me) winters. The leaves remind me of my only rugosa, Basye’s Purple, which I am taking with me on my next trip to zone 5, but all the stems and new leaves start out green and finish the same - no red in them like yours. Is your new rose being grown in a spray free environment? Is blackspot a probelm in your area? How much sun is it getting? I am very interested.

Thanks, Bob

Bob the rose gets full sun. I have never seen black spot but have found mildew on one leaf inside the mother parent. I have never had to spray.

The leaves are slightly rugose but not as much as the picture shows. In reality I am trying to get away from this characteristic.