Season 2022/2023

Indeed, it seems you had a good parent selection and you’ll get some very promising seedlings. Congratulations!

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They are beautiful!! Nice that you did it both ways and that you got germination from Eyeconic.

Hulthemias are fun to breed with. It looks like you got a nice blotch! Although in my experience, the blotch seems dominant, the other parent is VERY important. Some roses seem to hide the blotch, while some allow it’s full expression. So it seems not like a simple recessive/dominant question. I have used ‘Eye of the Tiger’, AKA ‘Ringo’ with some good results, but mainly by crossing it with some of my own Hulthemia hybrids. I would tend to mainly use the Hulthemia as the pollen parent onto good seed parents that you have already worked with.


I am trying to use desease resistance parent on the hulthemias. I also want to try some old roses on the new ones.
I am also wondering (or it is because seeds jumped over to other numbers in storage), some seedlings are way off to both parents…isnt it nowadays a big lotery what shows up because parents have a big range of genes from hybridizing in the past? Some are really really bigtime off…

This can definitely work! However, one breeding cycle will probably not be sufficient in this case either to obtain the Hulthemia blotch. Therefore some patience and a greater number of fertilizations could be needed. I did one test-cross with Rose de Rescht X For Your Eyes Only. Three seedlings came out. 2 repeaters, 1 once bloomer. One of the repeaters is vigorous and healthy and still alive, but all three had no blotch in the F1 offspring.

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Few weeks ago I bought Old Blush and hopefully I can use it as a pollenparent. It arrived little bit late bare root and it’s still very tiny. You using a new Hulthemia this year?

If powdery mildew is common where you are, only use Old Blush with powdery mildew resistant things. A lot of mildew babies. Cool things can come from it, but also a lot of mildew.

I still have Eye of the Tiger and Glorious Babylon Eyes in my portfolio, so I will see what could succeed and
will report.

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Here EOTT flowers very early, I pollinated a lot so far. I will let you know what the results are.:+1:

Oh yes with pleasure. Good luck! :herb:

Midnight Blue × Eye of the Tiger