sarah jones as a parent

Has anyone used sarah jones as a seed or pollen parent in their work. Sincerely, fred

Fred, I’ve never heard of ‘Sarah Jones’. Who sells it?


Maybe Sarah Juanita???

Here’s a link…


Peter and Enrique - I received Sarah Jones in a group of trial roses from the Texas Extension Experiment Station in Dallas to plant in our Earthkind Rose Trial plantings here at our rose demo garden in 2003. It was listed as a found rose, yellow blooma with maroon new growth. I took a cutting from it in 2004 and planted in my garden. The bad thing is I planted it in a rather rough environment namely shaded area. It has survived and bloomed most of the time. The reason I posted this time is that I noticed a hip on it. I don’t know where the Expeiment Station got i but will try to find out. Thank you for your interest. Sincerely Fred

If it’s a found rose, why not send pictures here or even at gardenweb. Perhaps it will be identified… sometimes, people can get it right.

I’ve brought rose cuttings from Mexico City and Acapulco through snail mail… they did extraordinary over there (especially the mini from Acapulco, seems to thrive best in hot and humid air.)

I positively identied one as Charisma, and the others as a possible Pascali and a Tropicana seedling type.

But the Acapulco seedling… a bit harder. It can grow as a climber, and it has a calvacade of colors… yellow changing to red. Seems to strike easily.

I also recently brought another found rose… seems to be a very old multiflora hybrid with some OGR characteristics (but not a Hybrid Musk for sure…) I hope it will survive, I only sent myself one large cutting (from which I took 3 more…) The priest at the church originally didn’t want me spare me a cutting since it was, according to him, a plant that was brought from the Spanish. So I’m thinking it’s easily 100 years old…

This rose seems to do well in desert type of conditions.

could it possibility be Nacogdoches which is a found rose and is also in the Texas rose trials. since it is a found rose someone could have given it another name.


Apparently someone in the San Antonio Rose Society won with ‘Sarah Jones’ in a show. - Supplemental Result

'Sarah Jones’is a found rose. You can read about it in Google’s cache of a page at, but the pictures of the page didn’t come through for me. The site itself is



Peter I received the same information that you got off the net. Dr. parsons and his crew did a lot of trials on found yellow roses hunting for a new “yelow rose of Texas”. Sarah Jones was one of them as per article you got. As noted Nacogdoches won out and has been renamed Grandma’s Yellow and will be the "yellow Rose of Texas. There were a few of the other two roses in the trials (Sarah Jones and Seguin ) that had cuttings taken locally and are around but these roses will probably never be on the market. Sarah Jones was named after a school teacher in who’s garden it was growing but her name was named Sarah Johnson. They had forgotten her last name so tacked on Jones instead of Johnson. Thank you all for your interest, Sincerely, Fred

I think this rose maybe Celebrity–

Enrique, is Celebrity that disease resistant?


This remind me of the situation with “Katy Road Pink”. Of course it turned out to be ‘Carefree Beauty’.

These people seem a little quick to jump on the denomination, “found rose”.

These roses HAVE names and the breeder of the rose deserves credit for it’s creation as well as the original company that distributed it. It could be the plant is still protected either by patent (possibly lapsed in this case) or by trademark.

If someone took one of my roses and promoted with without giving me credit I would be more than a little upset.

The whole enterprise seems irresponsible.

LoL, Robert, I don’t know why you are upset and yet I do know why you are upset. What I don’t know is who are you talking about when you say “these People”. When a rose is found what are they suppose to call it. Do you think they don’t try to find out what the rose really is? These people are rose people and all rose people I know are wonderful people. When Katy Road Pink was FOUND in South Texas there were not any Carefree Beauties to compare to there and the Buck roses were not popular at that time. If they don’t name is something and label it a FOUND rose how will it ever get identified? If they just keep it to themselves about the found rose it will never get identified. I guess what I am saying is that I sort of disagree with you about found roses. I would be upset also if someone labeled one of my roses a found rose but I understand thay they have no choise and I know that they are only trying to help.


Sadly Patrick, we do disagree.

I don’t think these people, (rose people or not), would welcome finding out what the rose really is at this point. It isn’t in their own best interest to find out is it?

If they are rose people they should understand my point of view.

Obviously this “found” rose is at least fairly modern. Did they try seriously try to have it identified? How many really good yellow roses have been bred in the last century?

How impossible could it be?

I can “find” lot of roses that do great here growing all over town.

Are they mine to rename and distribute?

If they found out the identity of the rose then it wouldn’t be “theirs” anymore would it?

The rose isn’t theirs. It has a rightful place.

It has a RIGHTFUL name.

If we condone this type of activity we might as well throw the whole system in place to protect names and breeders rights out the window.

It’s about as serious as it gets in my opinion.

I know of no modern yellow rose that is as disease resistant and holds its yellow color to the end like Sarah Jones and Nacogdoches does. Sarah Jones will never be in commerce so we need to concentrate on Nacogdoches or now Grandma’s yellow and try to find its true name. There is no doubt in my mind they have already tried of they would not be going to this trouble of trying to get it to be the yellow rose of Texas. It could be one bred 30 or 40 years ago by someone and it just never became popular, who knows. I sincerely hope it gets identified but I doubt it ever will be. Certainly it belongs to someone and they would probably be proud to have it be the yellow rose of Texas. I already have it ordered for this fall and will see how good it really is. Chamblee’s in Tyler, Tx. has had it for sale for at least a couple of years now. Robert, you still did not tell us what system to use to help identify the found roses. If you can’t call them found, what would you call them? They have to be advertised in order that they may be identified. I,m sure there is a happy medium here somewhere.


I have no problem giving found roses pet names.

I have a problem when the new name is used when they are multiplied and offered for sale. It sets a very bad precedent.

It’s ethically wrong.

Whether you know of no rose that has these qualities or not, they exist don’t they? They were sold and distributed and it couldn’t have been that long ago. Really good yellows have only been available the last few decades.

Ignorance is no excuse for unethical behavior. If these people are credentialed, they of all people should be willing to make every effort to get a correct identification and recognize the ethical issues their endeavor poses.

Again, I don’t think they WANT to find out. They are the ones basking in the glory of their “find” aren’t they?

There is doubt in my mind as to how much effort was made to identify these varieties. Every effort should be made even if it takes years.

These roses should not be offered for sale till they are properly identified.

The only way to identify a found rose short of DNA analysis is to grow it alongside likely candidates till one finds a match.

It’s not impossible. It requires effort, apparently more effort than these people wish to make.

I am deeply troubled and very sorry to have caused such a conflict among you good people with this post. due to my ignorance I have coused trouble. Please forgive me. I will not post on the Forum again. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Fred


Truly, you have done nothing that you need to be forgiven for. What we have sometimes is a vigorous discussion amongst members with differing points of view and not ignorance on your part. I hope you will reconsider your decision to not post on the forum again…if you don’t come back that would be sad indeed. I hope to see more messages here from you again.


Fred, please don’t think you caused anything. I for one don’t feel a conflict and I hope Robert doesn’t either. We were just expressing our feelings and beliefs in the good ole USA like it should be. Actually you started a very intresting subject and I hope other people would chime in with their opinions about found roses. I understand Roberts view very well but what I am also concerned about is suppose it is really a found rose which was not hybridized by anyone and they would not offer it to anyone. This is an outstanding rose with excellent disease resistance and non-fading color and everyone should have a chance to enjoy it. Being this rose is so good If it is someone’s rose it shouldn’t take long to recongize it. If they don’t offer it for sale and get it out there then it would never get its rightful name if there is one.


Fred, please don’t worry about your inquiry. I think it brings up a very important issue and one that needs to be discussed.

Piracy is a huge problem worldwide, being it music, video, software, plants, intellectual property, whatever.

I would hate to think that one of us worked decades to create a great rose and got it into commerce only to have it snatched away after a few decades because someone “found” it and made it there own.

It disturbs me to think academics are using their prestige, credentials, students, university staff and facilities to promote these as found roses. After a certain point it’s irresponsible to take it any further until proper identification can be made.

In case you haven’t figured it out roses are more about marketing than anything else. You could have the most incredible roses ever created sitting in your garden and if no one knows it’s there it’s useless.

You an also take an average rose, get great pictures, make inflated claims and sell it like crazy.

That’s capitalism. Caveat emptor.

I don’t mean to offend anyone but I do want people to realize how serious an issue this is.

I actually racked my brain trying to decide which HT it was, but there was simply too many possibilities to choose from. There are a lot of lost yellows.