Sad news about Karl King

Jonathan Windham had kindly posted this on the RHA Facebook page for me back in January, but I thought that it would be good to share it here also.

“It is with sadness that we announce that breeder Karl King (CybeRose) has passed. Karl’s website, a vast and rich repository of information, can be accessed via the wayback machine:”


Will be missed by myself.

His CyberRose was a treasure trove of general and detail papers, and abstracts by/on the last century’s golden era of the hybridizing pioneers of Prairie, truly winter hardy roses - was darn hard to find info until he referred me to his Biblio - that he shared freely to all.


That is very sad news indeed.
He generously shared his vast knowledge, with great patience and kindness, and left many pointers to paths still unexplored. Thank you @Karl_K !

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Very sad news. He was always helpful and graciously shared his knowledge. A true gentleman.

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What sad news! I will miss his unique ability to combine science, theory and practice in a lively, clear and vivid way. In particular, I always be thankful to him for allowing me to benefit from his enormous knowledge and wealth of experience. In gratitude to Karl_ K.


If anyone reading this knows if this is Karl King from Topeka Kansas, I would so appreciate you letting me know. I have searched for my old dear friend Karl for a number of years, but he was estranged from family many years ago and just disappeared.