rugosa info including seed/dormacy info

A 30 page rugosa paper is available at:

Click on “full text article” or “PDF”

Nice! Thanks Henry. Youre awesome =) I skimmed it so far. There are parts of it I want to go over more carefully after my last final this term.

Thanks for the heads up Henry. What a great resource for this species.


What I gleamed from this so far:

  1. Do not use the float test on Rugosa seeds, they have a ‘spongy’ Mesocarp. Should also not use the float test on

Palustrus and Sweginzowii.

  1. Do not dry the seeds out - reduced germination (but I knew that already).

  2. Repeated cycles of cold and warmth (8 weeks cold and 4-6 weeks warm) result in increased germination

  3. Charcoal can increase germination of Rugosa twofold, but there is no indication of how it was used with the seeds.

  4. Naked embryos germinated at 100%, but there’s no indication of how the embryos were excises from the achene.

Interesting stuff, but its sometimes difficult to pull out practical procedures from articles like this.

BTW, I also want to say thank you to you Henry. I appreciate these articles when they’re available.

Is it just me, or did it seem ironic that a journal of Ecology, by the British Ecological Society would have an article about an invasive species that included information on how to improve germination?


Thank you Henry, a great source of information. Great !