I was hoping that someone could give me some information on Rugelda.

Ploidy, fertility, disease resistance and any information as to its performs as a parent would be appreciated



Rugelda is a quite tall (6 feet) fertile tetraploid with good blackspot resistance and high oidium tolerance.

Crosses readily with not so bad germination… for a yellow rose…

Gives a lot of (once blooming?) climbers to large shrubs.

My two cents

I wonder if Queen Lucia is the other parent to Rugelda even though it is listed as seedling. Or perhaps a sister seedling of Queen Lucia. I also wonder where Robusta gets the nasty case of black spot from (I grow it). Im guessing something with orange in it.

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Ralph Moore will be releasing a new ‘Rugelda’ hybrid in 2005. It came out of a cross of the famous “1-72-1” X ‘Rugelda’. It is a small climber, nearly thornless, light yellow fading to white. Bloom is nearly continuous.


I did get germinations of Rugelda after a very long time… More then one year to stratify… wow… and none of them survived, but I did see the blooms and they were incredible… but not do to their health, but my neglect. Didn’t water them on one especially hot summer day and they all fried…

Livin’ Easy x Rugelda was the cross.

One was a pure yellow with “bulluta” foilage… Another one was full of orange and yellow colors with red, and the outerside petals a light yellow, and its foilage was “bulluta” like as well… The last two were red with no hint of rugosa.

I am not sure why it took so long to germinate.

Thanks all for the information.