Rugelda X R15 now has a name.

For those of you that I have sent a plant or pollen of Rugelda X R15, I have now given it a name -

Yellow Alzbeta Kuska.

Alzbeta Kuska is the name of my grandmother.


Way to go Henry.

I like it, sounds great


This rose has intrigued since I first saw it. How do you pronounce Alzbeta Kuska? I glad you gave it a name that will mean a lot to you. Every time I see an unusual name I wonder how it got its name. When it named after a person that is not famous I think it must be named after somebody important to the breeder.

Oh my God-- it is very tall… I guess I will have to be moving it to a better place next year. It’s starting to make new growth.

Rugelda seems to like to throw climbers and R15 is bred from a climber, so it is not surprising that it’d be that tall.

Nice one Henry! It’s nice to see that it has a real name now too.

Wonderful, Henry. And a beautiful way to honor her memory.

Does this mean that the “breeding stock only” usage/rating it has on HMF is perhaps upgradable? :wink:

I’ve always loved the pedigree and potential in her. If I were in a northern climate, I would certainly be all over this rose…

Philip, I assume “breeding stock only” means that others can use it for breeding, but that I or my heirs are the only one(s) who can offer the plant for sale.

Adam Eckstein, Alzbeta is a Czech form for Elizabeth. The Pronunciation:

(ahlzh byeh tah)

is taken from the following link:


It’s beautiful Henry and it was so nice that you named it after your Mother. You don’t see many climbing yellows, I really like it.

Henry, I now have a photo to share with you from the pollen that you sent me 2 summers ago. This is a seedling from Carefree Beauty x (R15 x Rugelda) The first photo is the fully open bloom, the second photo is the same bloom prior to opening up.

Thanks again for sharing the pollen, Liz


Liz, thank you for sharing your results. Seeing your results, I now wish that I had tried breeding my Carefree Beauty X Heritage cross with (Rugelda X R15).