Ruffle Roses

Spotted some interesting roses at the Rhode Island Rose Society web page called Ruffle Roses from Hulder Holland.


Hmmm, they look malformed to me. They may be Dutch, but it’s not at all to my liking!


If I were to grow them, I’d keep them isolated from my other roses. There are things out there called phytoplasmas and other nasties that can give roses really strange looks.

Currently, juried scientific papers by Kaminska and others in Poland are documenting phytoplasmas (multiples!) in “degenerative diseases of roses in Europe.” Their roses aren’t pretty, either. And some of their vectors are (shudder) leafhoppers.

I think they’re fantastic!

I think they maybe even be a decendant of Fimbriata or F.J. Grootendorst… or even from another rugosa rose entirely. The leaves remind me of a rugosa hybrid if you notice them.

And the color is fantastic too-- very vibrant. Reminds me of fire works.

It looks like they could be interesting if they were refined and improved. They are not anything I would think ready for distribution but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Certainly you’re right Robert-- because I absolutely thrilled by it’s novelty and Pernetia flaming colors.

Eye of the beholder…

but then again, given the opportunity-- I would enjoy living in a purple house (I imagine the color of Cardinal de Richelieu). And in the US, people usually go for the white and creamy color palletes for their homes.

But anyways…

I wish I could know their individual names, and their parentages. I think they maybe rugosa roses. One of them reminds me, slightly, of Rugelda.

I know it isn’t to most people’s taste but I like them. I had a seedling with very elongated looking petals like that which I enjoyed and no one else did! I was actually surprised by how violently some people didn’t like it. To me it just did look like a different style of flower on a rose plant.

I had assumed, since I haven’t grown that many roses that it was normal to a degree to get roses with petals like that. Is this not the case? This was one of my ‘grabbed’ hips so I have no idea of it’s parentage…I have a bad habit of taking hips, IF the plant I’m taking them from is a landscape plant on public property and not in someone’s yard. If I see a mixed planting and one is far and away the nicest and cleanest looking I just go ahead and grab one when the hips ripen. I figure I’ll be getting something disease resistant, vigorous and low care, either selfed or crossed with another hearty landscape plant, and I don’t after all have infinate space to grow adult roses.

lol ugly imo :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this last year. I think the owner of Ashdown was showing them to us on the RC. They’d be cuter on landscape groundcover types. Theyre too distracting when large.

Jadae, do you know Ashdown will be introducing them? I would love to buy them.

I cant find the thread. It must be too old for the search engine at RC. You can email them. Theyre nice and will respond. Im just hoping it was him that showed us the pics. But I believe it was because he likes to introduce new roses in the US.

The ruffle roses were done by Peter Ilsink of Interplant in The Netherlands. I did post some photos of them and I liked them but the feelings were real mixed that day when about 30 rosarians viewed them. At this point I have no idea if they will ever be released in the US. We are not involved with them.

I think they are a love them or hate them kind of rose.


With some refinement there could be some real possibilities there.