RRD or just Sweet Honey doing it's thing?

Hi all,

I received my Sweet Honey (KORmecaso) today from a reputable online nursery here in the UK. Having no experience with this rose before, does this new growth look like RRD to you guys or is it just a characteristic of this rose? The excessive thorniness caught my eye but I’m not sure as the growth looks healthy enough with no deformed buds as of yet. I’ve attached three pictures but let me know if you need any others!


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That looks normal to my eye.


You won’t find RDD in Europe (and Great Britain :wink:). If you would, call the government. Especially not if sent from Kordes in Germany. The rose looks perfectly normal and quite strong. You’re in for an abundance of flowers. Enjoy.

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Thank you, that’s a relief!

Thanks for the info, I had no clue! I’ve bought from the nursery multiple times previously and never had any issues so I did hope it’d be ok, thanks for giving me the peace of mind!

I agree with the previous speakers.Sweet Honey looks very well and healthy.


Thanks for the reassurance! :slight_smile:

Normal new growth. Some varieties start out red but will revert to green once photosynthesis ramps up. Beautiful new growth. Enjoy!

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