Roxie raspberry rinds?

This morning I was shelling seeds out of a prickly pear off of R. roxburghii and noticed that the flesh had an intensely sweet scent, almost a flavor more than a perfume. It was very familiar but I hadn’t been able to place it until just now when I was smooching a swig from my wife’s bottle of black raspberry soda. I think Roxie must be the secret ingredient in my favorite liqueur, Chambord.

In addition to the aptly named ‘raspberry ester’, raspberries get their flavor and scent from dozens of chemical compounds. One of these is beta-ionone which also happens to be an important component of rose oil.

The hip had ripened to a bright yellow and had dried to leather so I don’t know if a fresh hip would smell the same. Has anyone else noticed this with their hips, roxie or otherwise?

I noticed this strong scent of roxburghii too. Another sp whose hips have a strong fruity scent when softening is bracteata. Introgressing these scents or flavours to improve rugosa hips could be a nice goal. Not for me :wink:

The acetone aroma of bracteata and esters and fruity smells is interesting… when I make esters with the kids the acetone smelling ester (methyl ethanoate from memory), seems to form something like a ‘base’ for a few of the more fruity smelling esters.

My gf’s lipstick has Rosa canina oil in it. I was puzzled, lol.

Eglantine is used either in Passion or Poison (they’re both poison to me!) to make the fragrance carry better and last longer. I have to avoid all perfume, soap and fragranced aisles or I won’t make it out the other end! Interesting that the oils from the English briar make stink last, though.

Kim… are you a Mr Bean fan :slight_smile: You should watch this: Shopping for Toiletries | Mr. Bean Official - YouTube

Usually, I’m not a fan of his, but I do completely identify with his shopping experience! Thanks! Fortunate for me, mine is limited to sinus, eyes, bronchial and dermal responses. My best friend has Meniere’s Disease and strong scents, particularly those containing lily components, can quickly trigger him into a debilitating vertigo response. Not fun on a plane, and he travels a hundred thousand miles a year.

I used to watch Mr. Bean every weekend with my best friend and his father at their old farm house. Its definitely a specific type of dry, unassuming situational humor. His movies were really bad though :stuck_out_tongue: I think his type of humor loses its touch when highlighted or overstated. We watched him in the the 90s when OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) would play a string of Brit comedies during late night saturdays or w/e. Commercial cable vis Comedy Central then started playing Brit sitcoms like Absolutely Fabulous (Julia Child anyone?) but that all fizzled by the 2000s.

We have a healthy string of BritComs here in L.A. and I do enjoy many of them. Mr. Bean just strikes me as being a bit too absurd. The old Good Neighbors was delightful. Keeping Up Appearances is a hoot. As Time Goes By I try never to miss because I think they are ‘spot on’ and I have always enjoyed Judy Dench. She reminds me so incredibly much of Annie Laurie McDowell. Faulty Towers made its run here and was quite amusing. I am SO thankful the old Benny Hill hours aren’t running anymore!

One of my old faves was, “Are You Being Served?”

Yup, STILL is! “Have you seen my pussy?!” LOL!

I loved all the characters, but Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries really lay me out.

Sorry to have gone so off subject. Here’s a link to one of her best.


Its the middle of winter. What else do rosarians have to do? lol

I forgot to add that Hollywood made a few Brit comedy movies recently like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I thought Hot Fuzz was hilarious. The former was not my thing. Supposedly, there is to be a third coming out soon. They are mockingly calling all 3 a trilogy due to similar syle, director and actors. Its all a very strange Gen X take on Brit Comedy.

‘Hot Fuzz’

Would make a good name for a red moss.

OK, what is it about Minutifolia and Stellata hips that make them smell like Valerian root? In case you’re unfamiliar, think old, musky sneakers. I’m sure they rely upon carrion type distribution networks!

I do imagine it is easier for carrion rather than honey bees, and those other misc. tiny bee types, to survive the SW USA summers.

The flowers are actually nicely scented, a sweet, dusty-musky scent. It’s the hip flesh that is offensive.

What distributes the seeds in nature?

The hips are so harshly prickly, I’d imagine they would begin rotting then be moved around by things like dung beetles or something. Perhaps rodents?