'Rotes Phänomen'

I used ‘Rotes Phänomen’ when I was in Europe this year, it has an amazing colour. The pollen looks black and I really hope I get some seed from its cross next month.


It looks like a double form of Basye’s Purple on a MUCH nicer plant, Warren. Basye’s Purple has purple or “red” throughout, also. And, like this one, its pollen is so dark purple, it appears black. I hope Rotes Phanomen does a better job breeding then Basye’s Purple has. All seedlings I raised from its pollen were white, very angular with terrible architecture and once flowering.

You cant really appreciate the colour unless you see it with the naked eye, its colour is awesome. When I first saw it in Belgium I went running back to the office asking what it was. I hope something comes of the pollinations.


This had me researching Plant Entry Quarantine requirements…

Looks like a rugosa.

Got to have…

Very nice… I wants it.

Those deep purple buds are very beautiful. Voluptuous even. And I appreciate what you mean when you say one should see it in person, purple is even harder to capture on film than reds.

More than ten years ago I began playing this game!

Rotes Phänomen is easy to redo or supersede: just cross either way Basye’s P with a darker double rugosa.

Only difficult to supersede problem I found is the strong linkage of unwanted foliolosa features and purple.
Persisting it will be broken…


Have you succeeded in getting similar results?



I don’t have much experience with foliolosa, but I find it attractive, so I’m curious what you find to be the unwanted features.


Yes Bob I did get dozens of similar results. Foliolosa is a color changer for rugosa and hybrids are fully fertile.

However Joe, f has a tendency to give taller erect divergent plants that appear somewhat leggy as foliage and petals are not very longlived.
The more purplish the more f looking. Even with bracteata addition. So much I went away from F.after using it as a fertility bridge between b & rugosa.

Looking at archives you will find I warned years ago.

These difficulties one will overcome with a different strategy I am looking for.

Anywhere you can buy this in the U.S.?