Roses to consider for breeding?


It probably doesn’t need saying but location and mileage may vary.

Carefree Beauty frequently comes up in these sorts of things but is generally just gross for me in Australia. I know Warren (~700km/435miles inland from me) has said as much in the past and I believe has shovel pruned it and all seedlings from it. The majority of it’s seedlings just want to die for me without a lot of coddling.

Having said that, I’m aware it’s an amazing rose for others in other countries.

I had an early Carefree Beauty and one that I purchased much later. No comparison. I assume that the second one was virused as were many of Dr. Buck’s roses (sooner or later).

Henry, MOST of Buck’s roses were introduced by Roses of Yesterday and Today, who infected hundreds of varieties of roses over the decades. In my Zone 9 Newhall garden, Carefree Beauty was anything but carefree or beautiful. It was as bad with mildew as Wandering Wind, which was one of my favorites, was with rust. Location, location, location.

Carefree Beauty here in NW MN ended up breaking down with what was probably cercospora. Unsightly.

Will Radler, it seems, is the clear leader in producing roses that are broadly disease resistant. The new Kordes roses, while very blackspot resistant, per Julie O are pretty bad for cercospora.

Yes no need for ymmv, no identified disease or growth issues here, except winter die back with “Pink” Carefree Beauty … only surviving Buck in the garden.

My Carefree Beauty is as healthy as Knock Out down here in Katy TX.
It’s from a cutting I took of one that I bought more than 20 years ago as “Katy Road Pink”.
Maybe it likes my climate or maybe it avoided contact with pathogens by being lost and then “found”?
Or as Mr. Gump said, maybe both is happening at the same time…