Roses that drop their hips

Hi all,

I am planting a chicken forage and would like to find a few shrub roses and climbers that readily drop their hips when ripe.

I know it may be a tall order as we tend to select for persistent hips but I figure there must be a few to fit the bill. I would prefer roses that were fairly self sufficient but anything that fruits well is fine.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Sp gigantea, chinensis, as well as many Chinas and Teas drop large hard hips as well as single flowering sp banksia (very small soft), bracteata and roxburghii. The later two have aromatic large fruits.

Baby Love seems to drop its hips when ripe.


Erfurt, Rosa canina, Rosa rugosa alba



Erfurt would be my top choice. It drops huge, orange hips en masse every single year just like clock work.

Hugonis, Primula, Canary Bird and all other oriental yellows drop theei hips.


Thanks all for the input.

Take care

The new Morning Magic climber drops its hips readily.