Roses from seed ! (For advice, please).

Hello to all.

I am not a rose hybridizer, so please have patience with reading my message on this forum.

I really love roses, but have never grown any, since none is available here (Asia).

I want to grow some now, the good common varieties. Unfortunately, I have not found any supplier of rose varieties seeds.

I have explored the well known seed suppliers like Chiltern, B&H, T&M, Silverhill, etc. but nothing.

I have also explored some world renowned rose breeders such as Harkness - UK, Kordes - Germany, Poulson - Denmark, and some other UK suppliers. They all sell plants (no seeds) and also do not ship internationally.

Can anyone on this good forum advise me where I can buy rose seed?

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I have 2 commercial rose seed links on the following web page (no endorsement intended):


Species roses will come true from seed. Hybred roses–and most garden roses are hybreds–will not come true from seed. Seeing each new seedling bloom is a lot of fun though.

Dear friends,

For 1st post, Mr. Kuska, thankyou. Althogh I already have this link and have tried it, I will serach it again. By the way, kindly please point out the links again.

For 2nd post, I thank you for response but would request some help for seed sources of roses also, if you have info.



Are you looking for species or hybrid seed? I don’t know of any source for hybrid seed–you could probably collect your own seed from yours/a friend’s rose garden. You might also try posting on the gardenweb propagation forum for possible seed trades.

The one link is:

The other link is:

They were near the bottom of the list of links (on the same line) of that page.

Dear Amer,

There is a wonderful article on how the city of Fukuyama decided it make itself a City of a Million Roses. They gave out small rose plants WHICH THEY GREW FROM SEED. I don’t know where you are in Asia, but if you were to write to the city of Fukuyama those Japanese rose seeds might grow very well in your area. On the intermet, you can just type: Rose City, Fukuyama or try

Linda Sun

Hi Amer,

I have some open pollenated seed from a pink floribunda ( I think it is Sexy Rexy ) that is going to be much more than I require.

If you would contact me by email, we can sort out the details.