Roses and Conductivity & Fertilizer

I would like to grow roses and have the availability of a liquid fertilizer that has a EC (conductivity) of 65.6 megohms = 0.015 micromho = 0.015 microseimens and has a total dissolved salts (TDS) of 5237.8 mg per liter. Can I use this fertilizer for growing my roses?

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Josh Pennings

EC is really not a good measure of if a fertilizer is suitable for a specific use. EC just measures the amount of disolved salts in the water, but gives no information about what those salts are – to take an extreme example, sea water has a pretty high EC, but certainly would not be a good thing to encourage plants to grow! Your fertilizer package should (I believe it is even required by law) have listed the precentage of N P and K, and give recommended treatment rates. Use that as your guide.