Rose seedling photos (wanted)

I am giving a presentation at our local Rose Society on September 22; about rose hybridizing. I am planning on using some overheads. I would love to have collection of pictures showing the variation of seedlings that can result from any one cross

I’ve got a few. You can find of mine at HMF. Here’s an example.

Joan, did you get anything out of that pollen I sent up?



Yes, I did get a few hips. Thanks! I’ll check out your photos.

Also, I mispelled my email. Try

Pretty bad when you mispell your own name!


My pictures can be reached from:

You have my permission to use any of these.

Henry Kuska


Joan you are welcome to use any of mine as well


Thank you to those who responded. You have been a big help. I’d still like to find some more photos of a number of seedlings from the same cross.



Will look thru my photos (before digital) and see what I can find from a couple of crosses that we did that had a wide range of colors from white to pink to yellow. Will get back to you.


Hi Joan, thanks for the mail!

The topic where you can find them is:

Let me know which you want to use and I give you a bigger image.



Thanks Timo,

It looks like my presentation is going together differently than I originally planned, and I may not need your pictures. I’ll keep you posted. I keep finding more and more info I want to add, but it seems like I

Yes, they love seeing the blossoms. Everything else it seems is superfluous.

Most don’t understand that blossoms usually improve over time.


I apologize for not responding earlier – it’s been a very ugly month for me.

It will likely be several days before I can dig them out to get to you, but I believe I have photos of blooms of three seperate seedlings from your cross of Mr. Nash x Rugelda. I’ve been meaning to get these images to you, but haven’t gotten around to it.

The photos won’t show the range of growth habits too well. One is compact and somewhat free-blooming, but the blooms are butt-ugly. The others are stingy with the bloom (“English”-style) but generous with growth and thorns (climbers). A fourth (climber) seedling has never bloomed.

Of course, I haven’t yet let the climbers off their leashes, so there is some potential yet…




I would love to see the pictures at your convenience. I just finished the presentation today, so I don

Hi Joan,

How was the responce to your presentation? I hope it all went very well.

Did they have alot of good questions?


The presentation is tonight (Monday). I’m looking forward to it. Will share the results.

The program went very well. I received a number of comments on how enjoyable the talk was. I

Hi Joan, We have George Mander from Canada speaking at our Rose Society meeting in November about his roses. ( Marysville, WA) Did you finish your collecting/growing article, and would you be willing to share it? We have a couple people interested. Thanks:) Robyn