Rose Seed Germination

I want to improve my Rose Seed Germination. Who, can be so kind, to give me the “best” tips to improve it ? Thank you !

Before attempting to tip you how to improve it, what do you do to germinate rose seeds now? And, where are you? What climate and conditions do you have to deal with to germinate them? Do you germinate them indoors or outdoors? I can’t help you with indoor suggestions as I have never germinated them indoors. Others have only dealt with indoor germination, so, you see, knowing more about where you are and how you do it now will help us determine if anything we might have to offer might help you.

Thank you Kim.
I am in Quito - Ecuador. An average temperature of 13º / 14 ºC. I do my germination indoors.

You’re welcome, Edgar. Fortunately, there are a number here who do raise their seedlings indoors, so I shall allow them to share their methods with you. Welcome and good luck!

Thank you very much, Kim !

You’re welcome, sir!

I have sown seeds in individual pods in trays or planted in rows in a tray. This tray I keep somewhere cool like garage, unheated storage room, or in a window behind an insulated curtain. It must be a window without direct sun. I can then open the window a crack to keep it cooler than the room. (Not good for the heating bill in that room). This would of course require colder temperature outside.

Recently I am just letting them germinate in the bag in fridge and then transplanting carefully when they germinate. This risks damage to seedling but has proved successful so far. It eliminates the difficulty of a cool place to keep the trays.

I think a basement could be ideal. Maybe others could comment if they have tried that.
Good luck!

What are you doing for storage with seeds? Any warm or cold stratification? What types of rose seeds are you trying to germinate?

Thank you Duane
I am trying to germinate my seeds in the bag in fridge. I keep them around 12 weeks and after that, I plant all of them.
I am working with Hybrid Teas.

Hi Edgar,

I like germinating in baggies too. It works well for me since I have small numbers of seeds from many crosses typically and it saves space. I like to get the seeds out of the hips relatively soon after harvest and get them into moistened peat moss in baggies. I saturate the peat and then take a handful and squeeze all the free moisture I can out of it, and then it seems just right. If it is too wet or too dry there seems to be problems. I accumulate the baggies over time letting them sit at room temperature for a month or two and then put them in the refrigerator. The warm stratification first doesn’t hurt them and for some genetic backgrounds it seems to help and synchronize germination a bit later. I don’t use bleach, alcohol, fungicides, etc. on the seeds. Peat seems to be a bit of an antagonist to the bad fungi, especially when the right moisture is maintained. I wait until the first ones start to germinate and pull the bags out and put them in a cool spot in the basement. When they are ready, I transplant the seedlings out of the baggies checking them every few days to once a week. When germination slows a bit I may put the baggies back in the fridge for awhile and pull them out again later. I also like peat since it is dark and I can see the white radicles against it well compared to perlite, vermiculite, paper towels, etc.

I wish you the best in your breeding efforts,

Dr. Zlesak, thank you very much for share your experience.
I will complement my steps trying to follow yours. We will see.

Regards / Edgar


Thank you Mr Kuska

Who has experience and how had been the results handling Rose Seeds with aminoacids, auxins, cytoquinis, calcium nitrate, digestive enzymes, hydrogen peroxide or gibberellic acid, etc. ?
I would appreciate some comments.
Thank you !

Go to the home page of RHA, find articles, then look at A century of rose seed germination. I reviewed everthing up to 2010. For more recent things, search the forum to see what people have been trying recently.

Thank you Mr. Davis.
I already had been reading several articles in differents magazines including those written in RHA Newsletter.
I am looking for the latest research / information concerning this topic.
Can you, please, inform me which forum I can see what others rosarians have been trying recently ?

Thank you !

Search this forum with keywords and a discussion thread ought to show up. I’m not sure how many years back you can retrieve now. There have been some revisions in some of the software and I don’t know if it changed access.

Some of the electronic issues of the RHA magazine have articles on some of the subjects. I don’t think you will find very many innovations published elsewhere. Lost of molecular genetics, and explorations of some new species, but not much new on germination in the last decade.

I just looked up he word peroxide and came up with 222 instances back to 2003 on this forum. Maybe you could search for 2 words at once, like peroxide and germination, and eliminate some messages. I don’t do searches, I just read what comes up. I’m sure here are people who could tell you how to get what you want more efficiently.

Mr. Davis,
Thank you very much for all your information.
I will try to enter in this Forum and hope to find some interested comments.