Rose seed germination papers

I have placed two rose seed germination papers previously discussed on this Forum in my Dropbox as a few of us are finally seeing our first germinations. They may be of interest to some.

Improving Germination of F1 hybrid Rose Seed through Utilization of Chemical Treatments - Masters Thesis - by Dean J. Mueller 2020

A Century of Rose Germination Studies. by Lawrence C. Davis, Spring 2010

Link to Dropbox


Thank you, Margit! These should be interesting.

For my rose currency needs those papers are 4 x 9’s fine, … like the gold Canadian maple leaf coin.

More than well done Margit - what was missing from my expansion of my germination repertoire … now hit Nazaré surfing wave heights.

Getting to be a Big fan of periodic surveys and distillation of work … especially hundred year work … sure saves on time with somebody with deep knowledge doing it and not drowning in it or in the details or lack of.