Rose Nusery


I mostly get plants from Sequoia, Uncommon, and Ashdown. But I really don’t care for Ashdown. Paid top dollar and the plant arrived dead. Does anyone have any other really good places to shop? Thanks a ton,


If your plant from Ashdown arrived dead, call Ashdown. I’m sure the folks there will send you a replacement.

I’ve been very happy with Chamblees and Almost Heaven

Haven’t ordered personally from them but many forum members on the Gardenweb Rose Forums order from Vintage in California and are very pleased. They carry a lot of the rarer roses.


Ashdown, I’m very sure, will send another rose… however, things are getting warm, especially where I live, and that is a liability that you are taking… so you may have to consider when you are ordering.

Heirlooms is my favorite for the reason that they have a beautiful catalog, and sell roses that they breed which is an incentive since.

Uncommonrose is another favorite…