Rose nurseries with worldwide shipping

Does anyone know of rose nurseries that will ship worldwide? I’m in Kuwait, and there is a very small market for plants, let alone roses…


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Hi @Umm_Kulthum_Carter
Avramis roses in Greece ships worldwide. They mostly sell their own creations but also a selection of OGR’s and a few classic hybrid teas. I’ve ordered from them before and the roses were good quality with at least three thick stems.
You can also try contacting other EU nurseries about shipping to non-EU countries, they will tell you whether or not they can ship to you in Kuwait.
In all of the above cases you would probably be able to order only in bare root form, not potted roses, and shipping costs may be high. Due to the distance and potential shipping delays, there is usually no guarantee about the condition of the plant on arrival to you.

Your other option might be to go to a local nursery in Kuwait and ask them if they could order roses for you via their usual international suppliers. I did this here in Malta when I couldn’t find a dwarf donut peach tree. It took a few months because they bulked my order in with their other dwarf fruit tree orders, but eventually it worked out.

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Welcome back Umm_Kulthum_Carter. Kuwait isn’t one of the listed countries on their Help Me Find-Roses page, but something may be able to be worked out. You should contact Bierkreek in The Netherlands.

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I think the main limitation with shipping would be the regulations in Kuwait with regard to importing roses. If there are no phyosanitary regulations then presumably anyone willing to ship to you could do so, including other breeders.

Do you know if Kuwait has any requirements for a phyosanitary certificate or a formal inspection program or the like?

Hello Don. I think Kuwait only requires a phytosanitary certificate…I am not sure about a formal inspection.

I don’t mind ordering in bare root form. How much do you think shipping could cost? I know a very affordable nursery here that ships from Avramis, but they don’t have the rose that I want (Iceberg, Gartentraum).

Thanks for the welcome and link!

You’re welcome! I hope it works out for you.

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Hi @Umm_Kulthum_Carter ,
I was just on Avramis’ site and noticed they are now offering both Iceberg and Gartentraum in bare root form.


Thank you so much @SeasideRooftop!