Rose name registration question

If you have a name in mind is it possible to register that name without having a rose ready to go with it?

No. For a rose to be registered, a description of it and its parentage has to be provided.

Nope, what Paul said is correct.


What is the purpose of registering your roses and how do you do this?

Thanks gentleman. Looks like I’ll just have to keep the name to myself and hope nobody else gets there first.

Jeanie, you would want to register your rose to ensure it gets exclusive use of the name you choose, and to start the process of promoting it. You do it here:


Thank you so much Don. I will look into doing this very soon.


I have a long list of rose names that are just waiting for a rose to be born that is suitable to bear the name. ‘Treasure Trail’ is a name that was chosen many years ago and it was only this past year that I was finally able to select an appropriate rose. (I am also waiting for the right rose to name ‘Screeching Eyebleed’, but none have met the criteria so far, ha ha!) I suspect a lot of hybridizers keep a list like this, just waiting for the right rose to pin a name on.

Best of luck. Chances are that you will get to use the name before someone else does. (Hmm, is there a rose named ‘Chances Are’ yet? Apparently not! makes a note)


Oh yeah, I have a long list of names that will probably never be used, but it’s fun to record them as future possibilities none the less.

Harm Saville would keep a small notebook in his shirt pocket just for that purpose. He said one time that he had picked up a lot of names just from conversation with folks. Probably most of them were never used. Mitchie and I have long done this. You can get quite a few during a good enjoyable “happy hour”.

Screeching Eyebleed… one can only imagine!


That name is reserved for only the harshest of oranges. I’ll know it when I see it; my retinas will hurt!

my eyes usually pop out when I see a harsh orange rose.


Well, for a Screeching Eyebleed combination, plant Tropicana right next to Blue Girl. I did that once, years ago… one of the worst mistakes I ever made.

/me gapes in astonishment. I’m surprised you didn’t conjure some kind of black hole to swallow your garden whole.

I hope you have better color sense when mixing glazes, Fa! :wink: