Rose Hybridizing

Please forgive me if this has been already discussed.

On P. 33 there is a list of Good Seed Parents, which is exactly the same list as on P. 34 Good Pollen Parents. Clearly this is a missprint. Does anyone know of a site that gives the correct lists? I’m guessing the seed parents list is the wrong one.

You’re referring to Rose Hybridizing–The Next Step? I thought it was a misprint, but the author intended it that way–apparently thinks these parents are good both ways.

How can they be EXACTLY the same batch? He actually said it’s not a mistake?

(And yes, I did post the rest of the name, Rose Hybridizing–The Next Step, but it somehow got cut short.)

I had the same question also as the executive editor of Rose Hybridizing - The Next Step. I asked Dr Dykstra a couple of times if this is what he wanted. He said that, although there are a lot of good parents, he wanted to provide a list of those roses that he knew would do well as both a seed and a pollen parent. I respected his request and printed the list as he prepared it.

Hmm. It is interesting, though. Looking thru the list I have had no success at all on some of the seed parents listed - I guess I should try again.


Here is a list of some of my favorite seed parents, that is easy seed parents (the moms that produce seed hips easily and seeds that sprout easily):

Minis - ‘Rise ‘n Shine’, ‘Chipmunk’, ‘Fairhope’, ‘Orange Honey’, ‘Halo Today’, ‘Sam Trivitt’, Scarlet Moss’.

Floribundas and Shrubs - ‘Orangeade’, ‘Little Darling’, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, ‘Livin’ Easy’, ‘Tournament of Roses’, ‘Lady of the Dawn’, ‘Geisha’, ‘Sexy Rexy’.

Hybrid Teas and large flowered roses - ‘Lynn Anderson’, ‘Stainless Steel’, ‘Gemini’, ‘Sheer Elegance’, ‘Sheer Bliss’, ‘Azure Seas’, ‘Crystalline’.


Thank you Jim. I have had Lynn and Stainless set seed, but I tried on Tournament of Roses without success. I’m glad it’s a good one, so I will try again. It was obviously my inexperience that caused me to fail on that one!

Have you had any experience with The McCartney Rose? I’ve found that it is good as a pollenator, but I haven’t gotten it to set seed yet.