Rose Hybridizers Association - Facebook Page is Up!

Hello All,

The RHA Facebook page is up for commenting on, posting to and inviting friends to - check it out!

We will be rotating images for the “cover photo”. Our first cover is of the beautiful miniflora, ‘Hot To Trot’, hybridized by Mitchie Moe.

To whoever are not technology tested like myself, can someone explain the login process for the Facebook. I have looked at what it wants it it is not happening for me. Do I use anything fro RHA or my very little used account on Facebook to keep track of the Grandchildren movements.

Thanks in advance BIG time


Use the Facebook login that you use to keep track of your grandchildren. Once you log in, you should have no problem viewing the page, “liking” it, or posting to it.


On the main forum page it says this thread is “sticky”. What in the world does that mean?

Also, great job Jim!


Minnesota zone 4

It remains the first thread until the sticky is removed. Makes it easier to make sure everyone becomes aware of it, like putting a sticky note up where all will see it.

Thanks to all, have sorted it out

Soooooo, do you need a fb account to access this?

I used to have one then I cancelled it not long afterwards (so now I don’t have an account).


Yes, you have to have a Facebook account to view the content. Facebook will keep trying to have you log in to view it.

I find it amazing what can happen in cyberspace! The Facebook RHA page page went went two “likes” to 47 in less than 24 hours!

I love that ‘Hot to Trot’ picture that was uploaded as the cover photo. Thanks for keeping our “?” blue logo as well.


Thank you for the comments and participation. The RHA Facebook page is just another way for our group to interact with each other and with the “outside” world. Our presence on Facebook allows more opportunities for rosarians and future hybridizing rosarians to come into contact with our group. I would not suggest that RHA members get new FB accounts in order to access the FB page if you don’t already have a reason to be on FB, but if you are already on FB your comments and participation there will help to strengthen our presence there. Those of you who are on FB might consider inviting FB friends to “like” our page.

I would suggest also, that the RHA Forum is the best place to discuss topics related to rose breeding. I would not want the FB page to compete with the Forum. Instead, the FB page might be considered a doorway or entry point into the Forum. Please enjoy the FB page and feel free to post photos of seedlings there and keep directing your friends to the RHA!

If Facebook is to be used as a ‘lead in’ to the forum I recommend linking the RSS feed (Rose Hybridizers Association Forum) with a twitter account and then linking the twitter feed with FB. This can all be done easily (and freely) by using a third party called Hootsuite ( This will publish a teaser from the forum onto the Twitter and FB account with a link back to the full thread here in the forum. This way discussion can be focused here rather than on FB or Twitter but people can follow what is going on. If you are looking for someone to do this let me know and I will help set it up for you (takes about 20 minutes).

I recommend linking the RSS feed with a twitter account and then linking the twitter feed with FB.

Sounds so appealing, doesn’t it? Except that, given the technopower under the hood at facebook, every post by someone here would then get scrubbed, mashed, pulped and tossed in the oven to bake out every possible bit of marketable data from it.

Readers clicking through to us would be tracked with facebook cookies and cookies planted by whomever hootsuite can turn a profit with as well - and it snowballs from there.

Cookie tracking isn’t even the worst of it. It’s the linked relationships that hold the power - a username here cued by a tweet and a like there suddenly becomes another penny in the coffer at facebook and targeted pop-ups on your iPad when you never even visited facebook let alone opened an account.

If the only ones it affected were people with facebook accounts there would no objection but you cannot opt out of the analytical engine. I, for one, do not want my posts feeding Zuckerberg’s golden parachute at the cost of my privacy.

Thank you!

The other way to look at it is that maybe the amount of techno power under the hood at FB can also be used to jump start the engine here. I’m no fan of FB or Twitter but I guess if RHA is going to go down the FB road then when in Rome do as the Romans do.

It is worth noting that I did have a FB (two actually) account, since its inception, and only closed it early this year. I still have one for my wife’s online business, and until I can convince my children that it is a bad idea to have FB they too have one each, which I monitor and ensure I have the approproate security installed on my home computers. I have never had pop-ups anywhere… not on my phones, on my iPad, on my T-hub tablet, on my computer or anywhere else. If RHA is to have a FB pressence then maybe a topic for the up-coming newsletter might be how to stay safe on FB because that is what it comes down to.

Things you need to know about Facebook: click here.

Did you know that just by visiting a page that has an embedded “like” button, you are giving Facebook the ability (and permission) to track you and keep data about your activities online? I am not a fan of Facebook, you are correct. Caveat Emptor/ use at your own risk, and all that.

Install and run Ghostery fer a while, yul soon change yer toon.

I’m aware of Ghostery, I simply thought others should know what they are dealing with when/if engaging Facebook.

I agree with Don, Ghostery is an absolutely must-have. Facebook page looks great!