Rose 'Fruit Punch

Hello everyone, My name is Bryce Schoen and I am the Co-Director of Hybridizing at Rose Innovations. I have been working for Will Radler for 5+ years and he has tasked me with finding one of his introduced varieties that is no longer on the market. Rose ‘Fruit Punch’ is the variety in question. We lost this rose a few years back to winter kill and have not been able to find it since. We reached out to Star Roses and they no longer carry it and have no stock left. If anyone has this rose in their garden I would love to get in contact and discuss being able to get cuttings. In hybridizing news, we had a great crop of seedlings this year and hit 2000. Spring is in full effect and we are eager to get them outside! Here is a picture of the new Rose Room


Welcome, Bryce! Help Me Find-Roses shows Stephen Hoy may still grow this. I’ve messaged him to draw his attention to this thread. Keep your fingers crosses he still has it! Kim

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If Stephen does not have Fruit Punch then you might post a note to the ARS forum at


Hey Bryce;
I have a plant of ‘Fruit Punch.’ It took a little bit of hit this past winter, but is producing nice new growth and in fact blooming here in central GA. Love to help out.