rose fragrances

We talk about the different rose fragrances. A lot of them we are familiar with but,their are a lot of them i have no idea what they smell like.

Does anyone put out a sample pack of all the different rose fragrances so one can learn what the different fragrances smell like.

Thank You

Dennis Harris

Not that I know of Dennis. It would be easy to put one together yourself.

'd order one!

Most roses that you can find in the nurseries all smell the same to me, though not in optimum conditions, they all seem to have that very basic “rose” scent that is neither nonexistent or substantial, just fair. The David Austin shrubs, when the nursery I work at had some, smelled a bit more soapy, which is I guess the supposed myrrh-like fragrance coming through.

Most rugosas are supposed to have a spicy clove tone added to the rose scent. I get a soapy spice smell from Rosarie de L’Hay, but the clove tone isn’t especially strong to me, at least I was expecting a more earthy tone.

Fragrance is different for every person. Supposedly there are a lot of people who cannot smell tea roses, while to other people they are very fragrant. For an example for the rose “Crepusucle” I can pick up some fruity-tobacco scent, reminiscent a little bit of cantaloupe to me, but it’s not really evident unless you actually smell a bloom individually. I think most of the yellow roses have fruitier scents.