Rose Chipmunk


I am trying to find a mini name chipmunk I have not found a source anywhere.

Bill Dolen

Rogue Valley Roses has it in stock currently. Bought one last week and it was mailed out to me last Tuesday. Sitting here waiting for the postman, . . . .



Hi Kathy

Thank you so much, I will order one today.


If RVR doesn’t have it, I might have an extra. I have Twilight Trail also

You may find it interesting that Laurie Chaffin called that rose “Peanut Butter and Jelly” for many years before introducing it. When she closed Pixie Treasures, she gave me a floribunda of very similar coloring. She has a wonderful imagination! Kim

Bill, ‘Chipmunk’ is an excellent seed parent.

Jim Sproul

Hi Jim

I plan on using chipmunk to try to create some new minis.

I wanted to try this for some time. I exibit roses and enjoy it very much I am retired and 74 years old I dont expect make money at this I have alot of free time an I belive it would be alot of fun to create a exbition mini .


Bill, you might try ‘Sam Trivitt’ and/or ‘This is the Day’ then also, as they are seedlings of ‘Chipmunk’ and work both ways (seed and pollen parents) and can produce exhibition mini seedlings.

Best wishes!

Jim Sproul